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Here at Charter north travel and tours, we have to offer yet another amazing tourist destination which can greatly enhance the pleasure and excitement out of your vacations. Kakadu is a natural habitat with great colors of nature all along the area. Whether you wish to cruise along the Katherine Gorge or have fun swimming through the Litchfield, our amazing Kakadu Tours are designed to meet all of your travel expectation. By overviewing your travel requirements and comfort level, you can now select the best tour option which is suitable for all of your family members. Furthermore, we have discussed some of the main hotspots to be visited while present in Kakadu. So, if you are excited enough to make your travel worth remembering, we hope our customized travel plans will help you create memories which last forever.

Major Tourist attractions and Picnic points at Kakadu

We guarantee our tourist the foremost pleasure, fun and enjoyment throughout their journey as they will be visiting nature’s best wonders and ancient Aboriginal rock art. Three tours available at our website include the famous Kakadu Tour, Kakadu & Beyond Tour and a private charter which are exclusively tailored according to the expectations of families and groups. Upon your travel, we will provide you complete services of a guide so that you can gather useful information and learn value of ancient Kakadu monuments. So, if you are a real and passionate photographer, this tour has to offer you amazing places and scenic spots to be captured.

All of the landscapes and tourist spots are open for exploration as we treat our guests with immense pleasure and comfort. Destinations such as Arnhem Land, Kakadu, Litchfield National Parks and Katherine Gorge are covered in a relatively short time with the help of luxurious 4WD SUV’s. Each of the package available at our website includes activities such as hiking, canoeing, swimming, relaxing in stunning landscapes and official photography so that you can take along the perfect shots.

Extra Activities

Tour activities include trekking through the lush monsoon forests, visit to the colorful Broad Savannah and expansive food plains. Furthermore, the thousands of years old ancient Aboriginal rock art has been the main place of interest for visitors as they get to witness the historical monuments of Kakadu. All of the landscapes and major tourist attractions are defined by lines on the provided map so that you can enjoy the tropical north without any hesitation.

What else you can avail in this tour?

Along with the available recreational packages, we also offer exclusive services for our respective customers by which they can plan their tour accordingly. Just specify your travel requirements and our guides will tailor a plan which best suits your demands. You can now explore and hike over the Kakadu and Arnhem Lands to witness sheer beauty and natural habitat of the area. Whether you wish to travel with your family or a group of friends, cruising through the vast wetlands reflects a glimpse of scenic beauty and green environment.


Kakadu Tours known for planning wonderful recreational tours and vacations. Following the best travel practices and activities, we have covered each major attraction at the Kakadu Tours by which visitors can enjoy ultimate fun and enjoyment. By following our trends and activities, you can simply plan a tour which best suits your budget and traveling attitude. In case you are not able to select a plan according to your requirements, our representatives can tailor one great travel plan which best matches your habits. So, if you are excited about your next vacation adventure will surely give you ultimate benefit.