Will Stanozolol Steroid Help You Get Ripped? 


Stanozolol is synthetic steroid similar in nature to the naturally occurring testosterone i.e. it is a derivative of the dihydrotestosterone. The steroid is commonly sold under the name of Winstrol taken in the oral form or Winstrol Depot for intramuscular usage. Like many others the steroid is also c-17 alpha alkylated and hence when ingested survives the liver metabolism. Earlier they were used in the treatment of many medical conditions like vascular disorders, aplastic, anaemia and growth failure. Today the scenario has changed, it being a androgenic anabolic steroid usage in the field of body building has become more widespread. The reason for the transition lies in the fact that it boosts endurance stamina and also increases the muscle strength.

What it does?

It is known to be very effective in helping the body builders during the cutting cycle by losing the unwanted fat and maintain a lean body mass. When the steroid is ingested it leads to increase in the free testosterone levels in the body. This ultimately leads to  preserving the lean mass and burning the excess fat. Studies have shown that Stanozolol has a diuretic effect on the body there by facilitating the removal of excess water i.e. preventing water retention. Now since it initiates muscle growth and reduces estrogenic effects like water retention, it has become a preferred choice in the field of body building as it increases strength without having any weight gain and shows positive stanozolol effects.

Dosage Cycles

The steroid is commonly used in the cutting cycle by body builders with the aim of preserving the lean muscle mass and eventually reducing the fat deposits in the body. Optimally you can run a Winstrol cycle for 6 weeks with 50mg dosage per day for men and 5mg dosage per day for women. It is important to exercise caution as dosage more than this might cause serious side effects. Apart from this a few body builders adopt another conservative dosing pattern of 25mg form men and 2.5mg for women to get themselves acclimate with the side effects.

Effects of Steroid Abuse

Prolonged use of Winstrol i.e. a cycle running more than six weeks or an over use then the recommended dosage can result in many side effects. The most common effect due to the drug abuse that is seen is the liver toxicity. Apart from this it can influence the cholesterol levels in the body by increasing the bad cholesterol and decreasing the good cholesterol. Hence it is important to consult a healthcare professional if you have a history of heart problems. Also it is essential to follow a diet that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids as it helps keep the cholesterol in check and also improve LDL. Other common side effects include acne and hair loss.

Since during bulking the muscle mass is greatly increased cutting with Winstrol helps shed the gained fat faster without compromising on the lean muscle mass. Along with this following an effective diet and strict exercise regime can work wonders by giving a chiselled and toned appearance.