Top 10 Things you must pack for your Cruise


Did you click here because you were looking for tips on what to pack for your cruise? If you are a first time cruiser, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Below are 10 things you should definitely bring with you.

Essential clothing

Think like a girl or boy scout when you’re sailing. Choose light pieces of clothing for everyday wear, and if you’re planning to join activities, bring summer dresses for formals. Look at the cruise line guides when you click here to know their recommended footwear, but usually, loafers, sneakers, and a pair of flip flops will do. Unless you’re planning to dine somewhere fancy, formal clothes are probably unnecessary. Do bring swimwear, sunnies, and a hat. Try not to fill your carry-on with clothing you will not likely wear in 3 to 4 days. You can have your laundry done onboard.

Sun protection

You will be out at sea for a few days. This means that your skin will be exposed to more UV rays than when you were working. Pack 2 to 3 tubes of sunscreen even if you’re wearing a hat and sunnies already.

Alarm clock

If you click here, you will notice that most cruise lines don’t always have alarm clocks in their cabins. Wake up calls might cost extra, and your cell phone will not always be fully charged. Go old school for reliability and bring a basic alarm clock.


Cruise line costs on beverages can be exorbitant. When you’re out at sea, the supplies can run short and the demand for it runs high. Try to fight the system by bringing your own non-alcoholic drinks.

Extra bags

Bring extra, empty bags when you go on a cruise. This will help you keep your things well-organized even when you’re about to go home. Why? Your laundry tends to multiply in size when they’re not clean and folded. Also, you will need some extra storage for things you will buy while you are on a cruise.

Laundry alternatives

One of the things you are most likely to experience in a cruise is staining your favorite piece of garment. You will be out partying. Your kid will spill a drink. You cannot always entrust the stain removal to your in-ship laundromat. Bring laundry treatment liquids so you can take care of that stain while you’re onboard.

Extra storage

You might experience some storage problems once you see your cabin. When the opportunity allows, bring portable, small cabinets you can assemble easily during the cruise, and pull apart when the trip is over.

Power banks

Your cabin might not always have a charging deck. Because of the amount of people sailing with you, the ship might not allow you to charge your gadgets. Bring power banks just in case. As long as they are obviously power banks and not bombs, the ship will probably allow them onboard.

First Aid Kit

While your ship will probably have its own first aid kit, as a responsible traveler, especially if you are traveling with kids, you need your own first aid kit. This should include bandages, gauze, disinfectant, iodine or anti bacterial ointment, and other prescription medicines you might need while you are on your trip.

Prescription medicine

Antihistamines, anti-flu medicines, and paracetamol are necessary while you are on the trip. Check your cruise line if they have a clinic or a drugstore onboard which offer over-the-counter medicines you might need more of while you are on the trip. If they don’t, you must bring the maximum allowable amount.
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