Things That Can Damage Your Plumbing


There are many reasons why your home’s plumbing may stop working. Sometimes you may not even know that something has happened to your drains. Most of the time, when something goes wrong it is not something you did wrong but something else. These are caused by tree roots, grease from the kitchen, septic problems, or aging water heaters.

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Tree Roots

That’s correct. Tree roots pose a threat to the plumbing in your home. Even though many of the trees in your yard and on your street are still asleep, this doesn’t mean that their roots haven’t been active. Roots can invade any structure, including the foundations of homes or businesses, if they have enough time. A machine called a “rooter” will be able to go in and eliminate the roots.

Kitchen Grease

It’s true, even kitchen grease can cause problems. You don’t have to wait for the grease to get into your plumbing if you just finished cooking dinner.

Septic Problems

You should also be careful with what you put down your toilet. These items can cause septic problems. Bleach and paint should not be disposed of through your septic tanks. This is also a bad way to dispose of trash.


Even if you produce a lot of garbage, it should be taken outside. It should be taken outside using traditional methods. Also, don’t dump garbage down your drains.

Water heaters for the elderly

Your water heaters might not cause problems. Depending on the age of your water heaters, it might be worth having them repaired or replaced. Regular inspections are the only way to know if they are in good condition. Real Home Improvements Plumbing can help you with that.