Here’s how to choose the right wedding gift


Our concierge is seeing more and more requests from couples for gifts for their weddings. We thought it would be helpful to compile some guidelines and Judaica Webstore gifting tips.

Generosity is rewarded

Weddings can be costly affairs. Trying to decide how much to give or how little you should donate to charity can feel like trying to figure out how much to give. Different cultures and regions will have different traditions, but it is a good idea to be generous when in doubt. No one has ever been criticized for being generous.

The Registry

It’s a great way to get a feel for what they are looking for by going through the registry of the bride and groom. Registries can be especially useful for guests who don’t know their hosts well or are looking for inspiration.

The Green Bank

You should make sure that you check to see that the groom and bride aren’t saving money for any particular purpose. A lot of times, the couple who are getting married will have a “Green Bank” in which they will put their donations. These funds can be used to invest in large projects, such as buying a home.

Sharing is Caring

Our customers love the idea of using toasters, picture frames and shiny cutlery as an alternative to traditional wedding gifts. They find that they are more meaningful and romantic than traditional wedding gifts. The couple will not know that they are twice as expensive. You might think that a carriage ride in the countryside with champagne and a picnic at Sussex seems a little better than a set of matching bathrobes for him and her, but it’s not.

Be Logical

What would you say about the couple you are buying for? Is it the adventurous couple who would refuse to ride horses in Andalusia? Or are they movie buffs who would love to watch a classic film at the Soho Hotel. Maybe they are the type that appreciates dressing up in chic Michelin-starred restaurants or a personalized sketch of their wedding day. To brainstorm ideas for wedding gifts, make a list of all their likes and dislikes.