How to Setup a DBA in Massachusetts


DBAs are required for certain businesses. It is easy to set up a Massachusetts DBA if you have all the necessary forms and pay the appropriate fees. This guide will help you to understand the steps required to create a Massachusetts DBA.

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Before you get a DBA certificate in Massachusett

DBAs in Massachusetts are obtained by a “business certificate.” This distinction will help avoid confusion later. To get the best results, it is important to take some steps before you register the certificate. These sections will provide information about everything you need to do before you file for a new trade title.

Determine How Many DBAs you will need

One DBA is sufficient for a sole proprietorship or professional author. Depending on the type and nature of your business, you may need to register more DBAs. It’s important to understand where your DBA will be used within Massachusetts, and what the costs are.

Confirm the forms and the fees

Each Massachusetts city has its own registration requirements and fees. You will need to pay attention to the requirements of each locality if your business name is used in more than one city. This means that you must submit the right forms and pay the correct fees. It is important to verify that the fees charged for one city will be applied to the other.

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Check Trade Name Availability

You never know when someone might be using the DBA that you originally settled on. To confirm that your trade name is available, do a local search. Boston, for example, has a DBA database search tool. Check with your local clerk to verify name availability and other related rules.

Apply for a Massachusetts Business Certificate.

Once you have identified the cities in which you plan to operate, contact the local clerk’s office to register your business certificates. Keep in mind that prices and requirements can vary from one city to the next. These are the most popular places in Massachusetts to get a DBA.


To obtain a Boston DBA, you must complete a business certificate form. You will also need to pay a $65 fee. Non-residents who do business in Massachusetts are required to pay an additional $35. You must provide the business name and physical address to complete the form. A P.O. box is not acceptable. This form is not available in a P.O. box. Each person or corporation that is associated with the new company must be listed.

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There are two types of business certificates available in Worcester. Make sure you choose one that is right for you.

DBA forms are for sole proprietors and partnerships

DBA forms are for corporations and LLCs

The fee is $50. If you need a certified copy, an additional $14 will be charged by mail. It will cost $20 to withdraw or discontinue your application.


The cost of a Springfield business certificate is $50. Discontinuation costs $40. A street address in Springfield is required for your business. Boxes are not allowed. When filling out forms, use black ink.

DBAs can be renewed in Massachusetts for up to four years. For more information about renewal or registration, contact the local clerk’s offices.

What to do after you have obtained a DBA

Your business will be fine so long as it complies with all local regulations. Pay attention to local renewal deadlines and fees for dissolution. If you feel that a DBA is not sufficient, consider upgrading to an LLC/corporation if needed.

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*Do You Need to Form an LLC?

Important to remember that registering an LLC, corporation or DBA is not the same thing as setting up a DBA. It may suffice to legally operate under an assumed name with a DBA. It cannot offer certain protections and perks.