Common and Primary Features included in every CRM Software


CRM has introduced some very common and primary goals to keep the record of the customer relationship and salesman. So, these little goals have included in every CRM software.

Primary Features

  • A timeline which keeps the previous and current record and gives the chronological view of all interaction events. It makes all the buyer’s information available on a single platform even on a single page.
  • As the sales process depends upon the deals. So, CRM tools have made it automated instead of manual to increase its productivity and ratio of the completed deals. These features also help in tracking the deals and other set milestones that how much journey is required to be covered.
  • CRM tools have increased the work efficiency because most of them provide the drag-and-drop flexibilities to manage the projects.
  • The automatic feature of scoring the leads gives runtime alerts which makes it possible to score leads with accuracy and with more speed.
  • Analytics to alarm the salespersons about the ongoing progress or loss. It mostly contains the metrics and graphs to present the reports.
  • Easy attachment of essential documents in CRM tools like contact details, deals and emails records.