Metal Expansion Joint Covers – Functions


Metal expansion joints covers give a strong high friction walking surface for the pedestrian and for the traffic. The expansion joints covers are used for the sidewalk of the bridge, the platform for transportation and many different areas to meet open security and administrative consistency.

The Functions of Metal Expansion Joint Covers:

Heavy Duty Metal Covers:

These covers support the heavy loads. The metal covers require the very little maintenance because these are really durable.

Bear Heavy Rolling Loads:

Theses joint covers can bear the heavy rolling loads. Hospital expansion joints used rolling point loads for beds. These covers also used in many other fields. Because it has wheel loading capabilities without deflection.

Tamperproof installation:

This metal expansion joint covers designed in this way where the low maintenance or tamperproof installation are desired. That’s why it is unique from other installation covers.

Interlocking cover design:

It has an interlocking cover design and has the capability of connecting the floor to the floor or floor to the wall which helps them to maintain for a long time.

Areas of Using Metal Expansion Joint Covers:

These covers are used in railway stations, airports, shopping centers, bridges, and schools. It has the capacity for loading the wheel and heavy materials.