Navisite acquires “Velocity Technology Solutions”


Velocity Technology Solutions, Inc. (“Velocity”) is a global cloud managed services provider (MSP). Navisite’s position as a leader in managed cloud and enterprise resource plan (ERP) services is strengthened by this acquisition. It includes a number of established and fast-growing global brands. Velocity will add enterprise application expertise to Navisite and provide a cloud platform that makes it easier to manage customer environments in public, private, and hybrid clouds. Madison Dearborn Partners continues to support Navisite’s customer-focused growth strategy. Madison Dearborn Partners is a prominent private equity investment firm with a Chicago office.

Mark Clayman, CEO at Navisite, stated that organizations need a technology partner who can not only offer modern cloud services and expertise, but is also capable of delivering the right-sized solutions. “Every step that we have taken, even this acquisition, was focused on being a trusted partner and creating a customer-centric portfolio.

Velocity was founded in 2003 in Charlotte, North Vortex Racing Carolina. It has operations throughout North America, South America and Asia. The company offers secure cloud environments that are fully managed through a range of managed cloud services and professional services. Velocity’s experience in ERP management and the Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform, (VCAMP), enables customers to optimize their applications on-premises or in the cloud. Customers can enjoy the required availability, security and visibility, as well as control, at a lower total cost of ownership.

Navisite announced recently the acquisition by Dickinson + Associates. This is a top SAP Gold Partner. Velocity’s SAP expertise will enhance Navisite’s SAP solutions. This will enable Navisite to provide technical and functional consulting and implementation support services to customers to adopt SAP cloud technologies. Customers can also migrate to SAP S/4HANA which is SAP’s ERP solution for large enterprises. Combining with Velocity will allow Navisite to expand its capabilities in manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. This will enable Navisite to support customers as they migrate, modernize, and manage legacy environments in private, hybrid, and public clouds, including AWS and Google Cloud, and Azure.

Steve Kloeblen CEO of Velocity Technology Solutions said, “We look forward what we can achieve together with Navisite.” Velocity Technology Solutions is well-positioned to be a stronger partner for customers in growing and competing in digital economy. Velocity has the resources, global capabilities, and complementary expertise of Navisite. Our customers can expect a greater range and depth of services that will help them reduce IT complexity and lower costs associated monolithic software installations. They can also migrate or transform their businesses to the cloud.

Velocity Technology Solutions

Velocity Technology Solutions is based in North America and has more than 20 years of experience in migrating, managing, modernizing, and modernizing mission critical enterprise applications in the Cloud. Velocity’s mission allows mid-market businesses to do what their best by maximising the value of their Applications or Cloud Platforms. Our goal is to empower our customers to invent, modernize and move into the future.