Too much butter can cause disease.


Butter can be used in other areas of your diet. However, if you are planning to use butter in your cooking, it will increase the amount of butter that you consume and may increase your risk of getting sick due to the high level of saturated fats and increased cholesterol.

Butter is high in saturated fat which can lead to heart disease. It has also been shown to raise your cholesterol. “Lisa Young PhD, RDN cokoladna torta is author of Finally Full and Finally Slim. She is an adjunct professor of nutrition at NYU. Butter is more harmful than the egg itself, so don’t cook them! I prefer to use oil instead.

Trista Best, MPH., RD., LD, Balance One Supplements, states that butter can have a major side effect in cooking. You are raising your cholesterol, triglycerides and fat content. This can lead to chronic conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases.

Be mindful of how much butter you eat.

If you prefer butter on toast, or in a recipe you are baking with, you can use it elsewhere.

Best says, “Butter is often an ineffective ingredient to use when cooking with.” “Most sauteeing is done with water, or a low-fat sauce such as soy sauce or liquid amins. You can also replace butter with a few other ingredients in baking.

A small amount of butter will not cause any harm to your body. It’s the overdoing of your butter intake that can lead to this one side effect. It all depends on how much butter you consume. Are you going to use it in cooking? Do you prefer to spread it on toast? You decide!