“CSU Health Network”


CSU Health Network provides student health and well-being services. To help students succeed in college, and throughout life, we are dedicated to taking care of their body and minds.

No matter what insurance they have, all students at CSU have access to our extensive range of services. Find out more about our services.

Medical Services

Counseling Services

Health Education and Prevention Services

CSU Health Network is located in Whole Health Pharmacy the CSU Health and Medical Center and offers comprehensive student care under one roof.

Our purpose

Helping Ram succeed through body and mind care

Principles of Community

CSU Health Network is proud that it is a member of the Colorado State University Division of Students Affairs. We will uphold the University’s Principles of Community.

Inclusion: We foster and create inclusive environments. We value and affirm all members of our community.
Integrity: We will be accountable for all of our actions.
Respect: We respect the dignity of each person within an environment that encourages freedom of expression, critical discourse and the advancement knowledge.
Service: Individually and collectively we are responsible for promoting the well-being and development of our local, regional and global communities.
Social Justice: We have the right and responsibility to treat others with fairness, equity, and dignity.


To promote student success and to lead the university community towards a healthy campus by providing multidisciplinary healthcare that enhances all aspects of student health.


CSU students are encouraged to have a healthy lifestyle by providing high-quality health care, education, and prevention programs. The Health Network also offers training and educational opportunities for health professionals at all levels. The CSU Health Network conducts ongoing research to evaluate programs and services, and assesses student requirements in order to achieve our goal of continuous quality improvement.


CSU Health Network was awarded accreditation by the Accreditation Organization for Ambulatory Health Care.

CSU Health Network is an accredited organization if it meets the national standards set by AAAHC for quality health care. CSU Health Network is subject to a comprehensive self-assessment as well as a survey on-site by AAAHC expert inspectors in order to keep this certification.

The American Psychological Association Commission on Accreditation has accredited the CSU Health Network Counseling Services predoctoral internship program in psychology since 1973. APA-CoA has been recognized by the US Department of Education as well as the Council of Higher Education Accreditation, which is the national accrediting body for professional psychology education and training.