Celebrating more than just kids birthdays


It’s that time again. It’s the time of year when gift-giving (and getting) is almost inevitable. Many people believe we are losing touch of the true spirit and greed behind Christmas. Grapevine offers a range of Escape Games which can be used conjunction with other concepts. There’s something for every person. There are treasure hunts that children will enjoy as well as quizzes and murder mysteries for adults. We also have special items for celebrations of the season like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or Summer.

This may be true for some cities and towns, but it is not true for Frederick, Maryland. Our store in Frederick, Maryland is the reason it’s not true.

Here’s what all the buzz is about:

Pump It Up of Frederick holds an annual event, and it’s rapidly growing in popularity. The Teddy Bear Round Up is the name of it. Participating children bring a furry or stuffed friend to the event from their home or shop to donate to the other children who most need them. Every stuffed animal is carefully inspected. This is when the final decision is made about whether each Teddy Bear can be reused by other children.

This is an opportunity for children to show kindness and make a difference in their community.

These furry treasures are for the lucky few.

After being inspected, police, fire, and children’s hospitals are given the donated stuffed animals to any children who require them. They are there to comfort children who are in any kind of trauma, be it mental, emotional or otherwise.

The Frederick community has collected over 400 bears in the past. This is 400 children who were comforted, loved, and given cuddles during their time of greatest need. This is 400 children who saw their hope restored. This is 400 children who will always be grateful to Frederick. Through the Teddy Bear Round Up, Pump It Up aims to reach more children in the future.

This is a popular Frederick event, and with good reason. As children of all ages crowd the donation site, smiles abound. Over 150 people registered for the event last year and many more signed up the day of.

Happiness for All

What was the beginning?

Although this is the fifth annual Teddy Bear Round Up event, the idea for it began long before. Amy Southmayd, the owner of Pump It Up Frederick, was inspired by a South Carolina family she used to reside. Each year, the family would host a party to collect comfort aids for children. Amy started a store to bring joy to children in Frederick, Maryland.

Every year it has been a huge success for all involved. There isn’t one face that looks unhappy as pictures are taken throughout this event. Children learn from their parents what it means to give. Children who give back get a reward. A child in crisis gets a friend to help him or her.