Are You Sitting on the Dance Floor Sidelines?


Dancers do you find yourself sitting on the sidelines watching others dance? If so, there’s but one sure fire way to solve this issue. Get up, walk over to a different dancer and ask them to dance. Chances are that you will be led by them straight.

Asking someone to dance doesn’t imply That you’re thinking about beginning a relationship. It simply means:”I’d love to dance”. There are couples who attend dance conventions or go dancing and seldom even dance with one another. We dancers for sharing how to recover quickly with your others, thank you. We understand, “A Dance is only A Dance.”

When I first started dancing I was HORRIBLE. I did not have A clue to dance I was determined to learn. I BEG the men to dance with me and literally would appear at my regional dances 3-5 nights. I was unaware that dancing courses were available, so I had been.

During this time, my 3-year-old grandson visited for 3 weeks. 1 night if any of you have children and have watched the movie, you may know precisely what I am going to say. At the close of the movie, the small donkey jumps upward, over and above saying:”Pick Me, Pick Me”, I was too tired to get up from bed and shut it off, so all night long I heard,”Pick Me, Pick Me”!!! The next night in the dance, my hands flew up in the air and the words just came out of my mouth:”Pick MePick Me!!! “” From that day forward, I never sat on the sidelines again! As a matter of fact, as I finally learned to dance, all it took was one”Pick Me” a night and I left the dance floor. You see, it’s likely you will find your dance whilst there, as soon as you get yourself out there on the dance floor. So dancers, feel free to use my mantra and ask them to “Pick You.” In the event you must turn down someone and Don’t be afraid to ask someone to dance, do it. There are reasons for saying no.

Positioning is also important. Don’t hide in the Corner or sit in the back of the room. Stand near the dance floor and look like You wish to dance. See where the dancers are currently entering and leaving the floor And bear in mind that they’re there exactly like you. I know It Is Tricky to ask a dancer but if You wish to become a dancer, you are going to have to be courageous and do it! If You’re a dancer, attempt to “remember when” and sometimes ask a lesser level dancer to dance. Let’s all dance and build a dance community that is healthier.