About Chiropractic Electrotherapy and Pain Relief


If a chiropractic patient in Tucker experiences sufficient pain and other symptoms, electrotherapy – a treatment that sends mild electrical impulses to problematic areas – can be an effective option. Electrotherapy entails a number of treatments in which electricity is used to reduce pain, repair tissues, strengthen muscles, improve circulation and promote bone growth – all of which can lead to physical improvement and better function.

Although electrotherapy units vary, they typically are battery-powered and connect by wires that are connected to a patient’s body with adhesive electrode pads that are put on the skin. Once the electrodes are attached and the electrotherapy unit is turned on, a very mild electric current is transmitted to the skin.

As technology emerges throughout Tucker, GA, more devices are being made that bypass the wires today, which combine the electrodes and battery power into one single unit that can be worn discretely throughout the day. It can be controlled by a handheld device so the patient can adjust the level of electrical stimulation.

Electrotherapy treatment can be in many forms but the most common type administered to chiropractic patients is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS. It usually feels like a tingling or vibrating feeling, according to most patients.

How Chiropractic Patients in Tucker can Benefit from Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy is more often used in combination with other treatments as opposed to being used by itself. Many chiropractors offer electrotherapy for its benefits for their patients, including its ability to help alleviate pain and reduce tension in the muscles surrounding joints, which can lead to subluxation. There are a number of ways chiropractic patients can benefit from electrotherapy.

Pain Relief. Muscle sprains and strains can cause loads of pain and negatively impact your daily life in Tucker. Electrotherapy from a trained chiropractor can be used to help alleviate the pain as it penetrates tissue and reduces tightness. This is especially helpful when it comes to neck and back pain, helping to prevent further problems from developing.

For example, muscle tightness located in the neck can lead to migraines which can be debilitating while back pain can lead to more serious health issues and possibly even surgery. Electrotherapy not only helps to lessen symptoms but it also prevent conditions from worsening in a non-invasive way.

Enhances Motion. Muscle spasms can reduce a person’s range of motion, making it much harder to move your muscles – especially those that you use less frequently. This reduced motion can lead to a condition called muscle atrophy, or the breakdown of tissues. Electrotherapy can help to prevent the muscle from atritioning.  No Bueno, Tucker community!

Muscle swelling can lead to a decreased range of motion, which can also be eased with electrotherapy, allowing you to move with less pain. This form chiropractic treatment can also help to improve muscle strength and tone to get your body back to its best form as quickly as possible.

Healthier Heart. Electrotherapy benefits more than your musculoskeletal system – it has also been proven to improve cardiovascular health. Research has shed light on the fact that electrical muscle stimulation can actually strengthen the heart – even in people battling congestive heart failure.

These are only some of the advantages electrotherapy has to offer. It is best that you allow your chiropractor in Tucker to determine whether electrotherapy is right for you. Ask your chiropractor if electrotherapy is a solution they offer to co-treat your condition and to enhance your chiropractic treatment plan.